from development
to automated
series production.

Microassembly machines

here you will find for each phase
of your produkion
the right plant


OurPLant Pocket

The OurPlant Pocket is an entry-level developer machine for microassembly.


OurPLant D1

The OurPlant D1 is the basis for the seamless transition of your products to series production.

serial production

OurPLant xtec

The OurPlant XTec guarantees adaptation to rapidly changing process requirements.

large-scale production

OurPLant X3

The OurPlant X3
realizes complex processes at high speed.

Micro assembly machine concept

Configure your customized micro assembly system
with instant price information.

How it works:

Select base plant

Select a suitable basic system for process development, prototype production, series production or large-scale production according to your needs. As soon as you have found one, please add it to the selection list.

Select suitable modules

Select the right modules for your process in the module view. The comparison function gives you a better overview of individual product features. The categorization into dispensing systems, placement systems, inspection systems, material feed and measuring systems also helps you with the selection. Please add all required modules to the selection list.

Add accessories

Finally, add suitable accessories to your selection list. Don't worry if you are not yet familiar with all products and modules. Your selection list is the basis for our first conversation and is not binding. Of course, we will discuss this list with you and adapt it specifically to your needs. Our technical sales team will be happy to support you at any time.

Download selection

Now you can download your selection list and send it to us if you want. You already have a rough price of your specially configured machine. The best starting point for further discussions with you internally and in communication with our experts.

We are happy to advise you

Would you like to learn more about our company and our services? Do you need information on a specific topic? Or do you have an individual question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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